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The point of this site is to provide an overview of left-wing writing from diverse authors of high standing.  It is intended to provide both inspiration and food for thought, as well as a roll-call of some of the Left's greatest figures.  Some of the texts here appear to be unavailable elsewhere on the Internet.    Perhaps someone will lauch a rival site of right-wing and capitalist writing.  What intellectual giants, one wonders, would feature on such a site?

It is intended only to give a flavour of the writings of each of the featured authors.   Some of the texts have been edited down or extracted from larger works.  If you want to read more of the work of a particular author, you may find the links page helpful. 

The site was lauched in May 2001, and is updated regularly.  If you have any suggestions about what might be incuded in the future, or if you have any other comment to make, please email the site manager. 

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