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A few people seem to have surfed into this site expecting to find information about brains.  Sorry if you are one of these.  In order to help these poor lost souls wandering round on the Internet, I have compiled a few facts and some links that might be useful.

Please note that I have no special knowledge about brains, and cannot vouch 100% for the information contained either here or in the links.  If you find any errors, please email me.


Is the left side of the brain bigger than the right side?

Apparently so, in most people.   Neuroscientists believe that a bigger right hemisphere, or hemispheres of equal size,  can be linked to learning difficulties - click here for more. 


Q Where can I find information about brain anatomy?

Click here.  


Is it possible to be right or left "brained"?

Yes.  This is to do with which side we "use" most.  Most people are left-brained.  The side of your brain which is dominant is usually on the opposite side of the body to the hand you write with.   However, 30% of right-handed people are right-brained, and 10% of left-handed people are left-brained.   For more information on this relationship, click here.


What about ambidextrous people?

No idea, sorry.


Does it make a difference?

Probably, because the two sides of the brains are said to have slightly different specialisations (although these specialisations are not always the same in all people).  There are theories about the effect of being right or left brained on our thinking.  Click here for some information on this.


Am I left or right brained?

Click here for a quiz.


Where can I get a list of famous right-brained people?

The closest I have been able to find is a list of famous left-handed people.


Is left/right brain dominance connected in any way to politics?

Well, since it might be connected to the way we think, then I suppose that is possible.  However, it is true that Ronald Reagan and Fidel Castro are both left-handed, so perhaps that suggests otherwise.


Can I go back to your lovely homepage now?

Oh, go on then.  Click here.