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Pablo Picasso

"Why I Joined the Communist Party"



My joining the Communist Party is a logical step in my life and my work and gives them meaning. Through design and color, I have tried to penetrate deeper into a knowledge of the world and of men so that this knowledge might free us. In my own way I have always said what I considered most true, most just and best, and therefore, most beautiful. But during the oppression and the insurrection I felt that that was not enough, that I had to fight not only with painting but with my whole being. Previously, out of a sort of "innocence", I had not understood this.

I have become a Communist because our party strives more than any other to know and to build a better world, to make men clearer thinkers, more free and more happy. I have become a Communist because the Communists are the bravest in France, in the Soviet Union, as they are in my country, Spain. I have never felt more free, more complete since I joined. While I wait for the time when Spain can take me back again, the French Communist Party is a fatherland to me. In it I find again all my friends -- the great scientist, Paul Langevin, and Frederick Joliet Curie, the great writers Louis Aragon and Paul Eulard, and so many of the beautiful faces of the insurgents of Paris. I am again among my brothers.